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Welcome to our website!
(Updated 3/19/15)


Jay's NAMM SHOW Report
New From NAMM
Hughes & Kettner TUBE amps-
Now in stock. 18 and 36 watts
Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Guitars
Sadowsky preamps
Sting Ray neck thru body
New Godin models
New Danelectro Sitar and '63 metal flake series
More soon

NO AUCTION this Spring.

We sold a lot of things and had a great time.
The audience was terrific.
Please spread the word about our auctions!

Thanks to all that helped out
Bill and Roseanne, Glenn, 5:00 John,
Tom G, - you guys are the best!

NAMM Show 2015 !
The new guitars the arriving!
New models from Seagull, Austin, EKO
G & L, Sadowsky, Yorkville Bass Amps and Danelectro.
Accugroove is back.
Highlight of my trip was hanging out in downtown ORANGE
where they filmed "That Thing You Do."
The Watson's Rexall Drugs is exactly the same as in the movie!
This time I had a chocolate malt in the same booth as they
name the band the "Chordvets and the Heardsmen."

Our next
Acoustic OPEN MIKE
will be Tuesday Mar 31st. at
The Coffee House
932 Amboy Ave, Edison, NJ

Come celebrate our
TWO Year OPEN MIKE Anniversary!

Please contact Glenn to sign up.
It is always the last TUESDAY of the month.

We supply the sound system and mikes.
You supply the talent.
Come to watch or perform.
Always lots of fun and surprises.

Sign up by Friday Mar. 27th by calling, emailing,
or coming in the store.
Please note that due to large numbers of performers
we must turn away those who do not sign up in advance.

At a time when some places are closing
we are expanding our MUSIC SCHOOL.
Please call 732 225-4444 for more information

See our Specials page for great sales!

Help us find our stolen instruments!

See them here.

Thanks for supporting local independent merchants.
Buying in your community and not online
supports arts and music in our community

Large selection of
$100 to $200

***Amp Overstock Sale***

Does this list look like we are overstocked
on amps or what?

1. FENDER 1972 Vibrolux Reverb Silverface 2 10" $1600
2. FENDER 1978 Super Reverb Silverface 4 10" $1100
3. FENDER Cyber Twin SAVE $700. was $1400 now $699
4. MARSHALL JCM 900 50 watt head $899,
5. MARSHALL 1980's Artist 30 tube amp 4203. $599
6. PEAVEY Van Halen 5150 2 12" amp $899
7. PEAVEY VYPYR Modeling amp. 100 W. $250
8. Aguilar 2 10" Bass cabinet $450 GS112 was $600, Sale $450
10. MUSIC MAN 112RP 65 Tubes, phaser, $650
11. AMPEG 2 10' Porta Bass cabinet $499 NEW USA
12. Lahman Tone Marshall JTM 45 clone purple $650
. AGUILAR AG 500 head 2 channel $999
. FENDER Cyber Champ $299
15. MESA BOOGIE M Pulse, 15" + 12" Cab $500
16. MESA BOOGIE F 50 head $699
17. GALLIEN KRUGER 410SBX 4x10" cabinet. $ 499


Only $9.99 --every day!
Made in USA - Support your country, don't buy junk!

All Specials are cash only, no layaway.

New Jersey Guitar and Bass Center
is an authorized dealer for all the brands below.
In addition to having hundreds in stock, we can order anything!

We have over 600 instruments in stock.
We'll never get everything we have onto this site.
If you don't see what you're looking for, call!

Hey Lefties!
We haven't forgotten about you!
Over 40 left-handed guitars and basses in stock!
Look here!


Alembic - Alvarez - BC Rich - Danelectro - Eastwood - Godin
Harmony - G&L -Heritage- Hofner - Italia - Larrivee
Music Man - Richmond - Seagull - Sterling
Alembic - Benevente - Danelectro - Dingwall - Drozd - Eastwood
F Bass - Fodera - G&L - Godin - Hofner - Italia - KSD - Lakland
Modulus - MTD - Music Man - NS Design - Pedulla
Sadowsky - Spector - Sterling - Sukop - U Bass-Warwick
Guitar Amps & Cabs
Fishman -Hughes & Kettner- Marshall - Phil Jones - Traynor
Bass Amps, Pre-Amps & Cabs
Aguilar - AccuGroove - Acoustic Image - Alembic
Bag End - Bergantino - Ibanez/Promethean - Phil Jones - Yorkville
J. Reynolds
Diamond Head - Kala - Mahalo

Many great instruments and amps in stock from:
Aria - Breedlove - Carvin - Citron - Curbow (US) - Dean - Epiphone
Fender - Gibson - GK - Gretsch - Guild - Hamer - Harmony - Heritage - Ibanez
Ken Smith - Kramer - Martin - McInturff - Ovation - PRS - Peavey Rickenbacker - SWR - Taylor - Washburn - Yamaha
and many more...

PA and Amp Rentals MUSIC LESSONS

PA mixer 6 channel 250 watts $16,
8 channel 325 watts $29.
cabinets 12" $18 pair, 15" $29 pair, monitors $9, Shure mics $4,
guitar & bass amps, heads and cabs $15 each. Please fill out the
application to reserve at least 3
weeks in advance.

We offer private lessons for


Please call 732 225-4444
for more info

Customer of the Week

Mike Cohen
Mike recently bought Antar's FODERA.
Don't tell his wife but he also recently bought
our handmade Curbow and Carl Thompson basses.
He did it all with his money tree!

$25 Gift Certificate to the Customer of the Week.
And remember: your name could be here next week!!
Who needs a day at the beach when you can be COTW?

Get started for only $129/Nylon or $169/Steel
Adult size nylon or steel string acoustic guitars.
Good action. Set up in our shop.

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