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Effects, Pedals & Accessories

Bill Laurence , EMG, Fender,
Seymour Duncan/Basslines


We have Pyramid Strings!

Augustine, D'Addario, Dean Markley, DR, GHS, Elixer, Ernie Ball, Fender, Guild, John Pearce, Thomsak-Infeld

Our very own
Bass Guy Strings
Roundwoud - Nickel - Long scale
Standard guage
Made in USA
Only $11.99


Come in and try our effects or we can ship them to you.
Just $8.00 shipping for any amount of pedals!
Most are in excellent condition, some with original box.

ALESIS SR 18 $179.99

ARION SMM-1 Metal Master $39.99

BEHRINGER V-Amp multi effect like Pod with AC adapter and bag $69.99

BOSS FZ-5 Fuzz
BOSS MT-2 Metal Zone $69.99
BOSSS ODB-3 Bass Overdrive
BOSS OS-2 Overdrive/Distortion $49.99
BOSS MD-2 Mega Distortion $49.99
BOSS OD3 Overdrive $69.99
BOSS PH-3 Phase Shifter $89.99
BOSS PS-5 Super Shifter $119.99
BOSS D-3 Overdrive $69.99
BOSS SD-1 Super Overdrive $49.99
BOSS FZ-5 Fuzz $79.99
BOSS PSM-5 $49.99 Power Supply
BOSS DSD-2 Digital Sampler/Delay $149.99
BOSS BF-2 Flanger MIJ $99.99
BOSS GE-7 Equalizer MIJ $99.99

DEARMOND Volume pedal 1970's $59.99

DIGITECH Turbo Flange $49.99
DIGI-TECH Harmony Man Intelligent Pitch Shifter $229.99
DIGITECH RP50 Digital Multi effect $79.99
DIGITECH XP 200 modulator $129.99
DOD FX 25 Filter "Flea" $99.99
DOD FX 55-B Supra Distortion $39.99
DOD FX 60 Stereo Chorus USA
DOD FX12 Tuna guitar tuner $49.99
DOD 275 Active Direct Box $49.99
DOD 260 Direct Box $39.99

DUNLOP Cry Baby Wa Wa $49.99
DUNLOP Cry Baby 95Q $99.99

EBS Unichorus $199.99 new
EBS Unichorus used $149.99
EBS Octabass $119.99

ELECTRO HARMONIX B9 Organ Machine $179.99
ELECTRO HARMONIX Big Muff 1970's $199
ELECTRO HARMONIX Graphic Equalizer 1970's $79.99
ELECTRO HARMONIX Deluxe Memory Man. 1980's $299.99

ERNIE BALL VP Jr. Volume pedal, new
ERNIE BALL Stereo Volume/pan pedal, new

FRYETTE SAS Real Tube Discharge

IBANEZ AD-150 Analog Delay
IBANEZ LM7 LAS Metal Distortion $79.99
IBANER DS7 Distortion $49.99
IBANEZ JD9 Jet Driver $69.99
IBANEZ 1980's AD9 MIJ Analog Delay $279.99
IBANEZ TS808 Overdrive Pro $179.99 New
IBANEZ TS9B Tube Screamer for Bass $119.99 new

LINE 6 bass pod $179.99

MAESTRO GIBSON BG2 Boomer wa pedal $249.99

MARSHALL VT-1 Vibra-Trem pedal, 1980's $99.99

MORLEY Optical Volume $49.99

MXR Distortion + 1970's $129.99

NOBELS DT-1 Straight Distortion $49.99

ROCKTRON Hush II Noise Reduction $59.99

TECH 21 NYC Sans Amp Bass Driver DI programmable $169.99

ZOOM 607 Bass Multi Effect $69.99

Ernie Ball
Stereo Volume Pedal, new- $169.99
Volume Pedal JR, new- $89.99
Wah Pedal, new- $149.99


Hexaphonic pickup
Mounts on most any guitar
For use with the guitar synths below

Call: 732 225-4444

Visual Sounds
1Spot (Just the adapter, no multiplug) - $24.99
Multiplug 5 Cable (for 1Spot) - $9.99
all 1Spot connecting cables in stock


607 BassBass Multi Effect - $

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