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We can service or repair your guitar or bass in our very own workshop.
Most repairs done in two days. We do:
Set ups - Fret dressing -
Lower action, neck rod adjustments,
Fret ends- file sharp edges
Pickup and Preamp installations
Bridge reglue, replacements
and other repairs to keep your instrument ship-shape
(though if you prefer we can do guitar-shape instead).

Fret Level, Fret Dress and Fret Crowning-what are the differences???

Fret Level
A fret level is needed when your frets are uneven and your instrument buzzes. Most new instruments and many used ones do not have level frets. Please bring in your instrument to have the frets checked. The pictures below show frets that are uneven and after they have been leveled.

Fret Dress or Crowning
After frets are level they will look squared off. The "dress" rounds them off so they look like frets again. Crowning is just another word for the fret dress.

Save your frets!
A fret dress is about 1/4 the price of a refret. If your instrument is valuable you will retain its value by not refretting.

Fret Work Examples:

First up, a 1973 Jazz Bass Restoration.

The pictures below show fret work that restores frets to new condition.
Prepare to be amazed.

Click to enlarge these pics so you can see them better.

Our first victim is a 1973 Jazz Bass. The owner did not believe the frets could be saved. Note the deep grooves in the frets. Over 35 years of fun.
First we mask the whole
fingerboard and edge of the body. The "X's" show high spots where the bass
buzzed or did not play at all. Maybe just a few more fret levels and I can get new sneaks!
Then we round the frets so they are not squared off. Enlarge this pic to see the frets look like new. This part is the dress or crowning.
Here is a close up of the finished frets. The lowest ones get the most wear because they are used the most, so I showed you the worst ones.
Ready for another 35 years of fun... This third fret has a glare on it but it is perfectly round. Whew, doing fret work sure makes me hungry. I think I will go to the Bone Fish Grill and get some seafood.

Next we have a Andy's 1979 Fender Stratocaster
with heavily worn frets.

These frets are groovier than a Brady Bunch reunion. Notice the wear
in the fingerboard as well
These frets are smoother than a Brady Bunch reunion. frets and fingerboard restored
like new, with no refret
Crooked neck and 30+ years of crud and wear.

Straight neck and less than 30 seconds of crud and wear. This guitar is now Stronger Than Dirt.

This is Bruce's 1935 Gibson:

Bruce's grandfather bought it new in 1935. It was unplayable when it came in to our shop. It played smooth as butter when it left.
We leveled and crowned the badly worn frets and replaced the poorly cut non-original nut with a properly cut nut.

This is a 1940's Martin we restored:

This poor old mahogany Martin barely looked like a guitar when we found it. It was missing everything.
Rebuilt tuners, nut and saddle. Dressed frets, a setup and fresh strings. Now it plays like new.

Got something that needs adjustment or reparing?
Bring it in!


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